How to Paint Outdated Exterior Stucco

By How To's

Stucco is a common alternative to siding, usually made from a combination or limestone or cement blended with sand and water. This mortar-like substance is then applied by hand over metal wire or lath, in which it cures and hardens to make a durable exterior. Stucco holds paint well, but like any other paint job, it requires adequate prep work.

When painting stucco make sure that you do these 4 things:

  • Remove dust and dirt from the stucco. This normally just means brushing off the walls with a stiff bristled broom, however, in cases where the ridges are deep it is best to use a power washer.
  • Caulk cracks in the stucco with masonry-compatible caulking. If there is debris in the cracks make sure to remove that before applying the caulking.
    • If you need to repair any cracks you must wait until the caulking has completely dried before painting. This usually takes 7- 10 days.

  • USE THE PROPER PAINT. This ensures that your new paint job will stay on to your stucco and the original paint will not bleed through.
  • While painting use a thick napped roller, or paint sprayer. This ensures that your paint gets into even the deepest areas of your stucco, and that the paint fully covers your wall. Also only do light coats of paint, and do more than one coat. Two coats that are applied thinly will look better than one coat applied thickly.

As with any exterior paint job, make sure that you properly prep your work space.

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